What to Expect

Body Wisdom Wellness Center offers extraordinary care with two extraordinary distinct appointmentpractitioners. Dr. Mark Trell, DC offers Traditional Chiropractic care and Quantum Neurology while Dr. Julianne Trell, DC practices Network Spinal Analysis with Somatic Respiratory Integration. Both approaches are very different. Yet by offering these two incredible forms of Chiropractic care under one roof , it allows more people to choose the best care for them.

Your First Visit

Once you make your first appointment with either practitioner, you will be asked to complete your history form and other additional paperwork before your scheduled appointment time.. It is very important that you bring the completed paperwork to your first appointment. Your completed paperwork is reviewed on this visit so we can help you more completely.

The first visit is an hour long appointment. During this appointment time, we will review your history and check your spine/area of concern using various non-invasive methods. Then, if no further testing is necessary, you will receive your first care session. Your second care session can be as soon as the next day , depending on what is revealed during the first visit. You will also receive a report of findings and a suggested plan of care.The plan of care is based on what your specific goals are. At this point, our wellness partnership begins and we are here to assist you whether your goal is to be pain-free or reach lifelong wellness!

You may notice that Body Wisdom Wellness Center does not feel like a typical Doctor’s office. Our Center is truly a community of incredible exceptional people of all ages & backgrounds seeking more well-being, health,vitality, and unlimited possibilities. The supportive, caring vibe is in the air! So, please do not hesitate to let us know when you need help or guidance. We are here for you.

Other Wellness Offerings

Nutritional Support, Homeopathic Support, Weight Loss Support, Essential Oils, Circulatory Support, and Wellness Classes. We offer the highest quality yet affordable nutritional and homeopathic products. Over the years, we have consistently seen how supplementing the right product can strongly aid a person’s healing. If you are interested in discovering what your nutritional needs are, we can schedule you an in-depth session with one of the practitioners.

We also offer weight loss support and products that have proven to be very successful at Body Wisdom.

Body Wisdom Wellness Center also sells doterra essential oils that are a highly exceptional quality oil. Essential oils can be very beneficial for mind and body.

And finally we have the Bemer technology at the Center for people who want more specific healing in their body. We found that by increasing the circulation in the body via the Bemer, there is a decrease in inflammation. Inflammation is created in areas of stress or pain . When the circulation increases, you will also experience an increase in the body’s natural healing agents (white blood cells,essential minerals,etc.) to the body part that needs more healing.

We strongly believe that knowledge leads to personal power and change, especially when it applies to you and your life of unlimited wellness. Therefore we offer various classes throughout the year, like SRI (somatic respiratory integration breath work) classes. The classes offered are designed to help you stretch more, explore more, and expand more. And if you meet a friend along the way, that is a great bonus! We also host visiting practitioners, sharing and teaching their insights within the Center. The events offered at Body Wisdom are posted at the Center, on Facebook, and emailed through our Newsletters.

“The typical American goes through more physical, chemical, and emotional stress in 30 days, than their grandparents did in their entire life.” – John Hopkins University