Weight Loss Guidance

Because Dr. Julianne Trell’s knowledge of Clinical Nutrition and the importance of right foods to support a healthy lifestyle, she is proud to offer a highly effective way to lose weight while learning what foods truely support you as you create the life you wish. If you have at least 10 pounds to lose and are not pregnant or lactating, you can simply experience weight loss of up to 25 pounds in three weeks and lose up to 3500 calories of fat a day from your body with the supplement, Doc’s Stimulus Drops.

Dr. Julianne Trell lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks last year and has maintained her weight loss while having learned what to eat to be the healthiest she can! Having been treated for Lymes Disease for the last four years, this protocol has completely removed all of her lingering painful symptoms. Because of her positive experience, she has offered this wonderful weight loss alternative to her practice members and people in her community and long-distance. Along with their initial free consultation, the individuals on the diet protocol have available to them free bimonthly support classes at Body Wisdom Chiropractic and/or daily (or when needed) communication with her. Her passion to assist people on their path of weight loss and healthier living is evident with the people she has helped and their incredible success stories.

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