Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI) & Quantum Leap

image15_leapTwo incredible offerings that will advance your Network care are Somato Respiratory Integration(SRI) and Quantum Leap day. SRI is a specifically crafted series of exercises, created by Dr. Donald Epstein. They are introduced and described in great detail in two of his books, The Twelve Stages of Healing, along with Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook. SRI was developed to help people increase their own personal awareness that will support their healing journey. During your NSA sessions, Dr. Julianne will assist you, utilizing one or more of the SRI exercises so you can discover more, transform more, and awaken more. She also teaches SRI classes at Body Wisdom so you can learn and use these transformative exercises at home.

Quantum Leap Is a full day of experiencing NSA and SRI ,along with other transformative tools . These life enhancing days are designed to create a quantum leap in your healing and wellness strategies. You will discover, you will move, you will laugh, you will remember, you will expand, you will release and awaken, and so much more! Mostly, you will experience a true personal quantum leap : a big movement forward into your life.

As you advance through NSA care, the SRI classes and the Quantum Leap days are truly helpful experiences and learning platforms that support a lifetime of wellness and beyond!