Quantum Neurology

What It Is

drmarkQuantum Neurology is a form of neurological rehabilitation. Quantum Neurology focuses on allowing nerves that may be associated with painful or debilitating injuries, illnesses or conditions to stabilize, so that the body can heal itself. This safe non-invasive technique allows the doctor to evaluate, strengthen, and rehabilitate every major nerve in the body. There are three keys to what makes Quantum Neurology successful. The first is the concept of Neural Recognition, a way to let the brain know that there is a problem. The second one is clearing the affected nerve using low level laser therapy(cold laser) light, and the third one is some form of physical stimulation to remove interference to normal nerve function. When applied together, they can produce quick, comfortable and miraculous change.

The Science

“We now understand that the nervous system is inclusive of every aspect of action and communication available to our body. It includes our physical body and all aspects of our non-physical body; also known as our energetic body, bioenergetic field, aura or light-body. It includes our mind, our thoughts our emotions and our spiritual connection”- Dr. George Gonzales, DC, QN

  • Our thoughts, feelings and emotions affect our physiology.
  • Physical, chemical and/or emotional stress can cause Subluxations.
  • We use 80-95% of our energy every day on survival.
  • According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed.
  • According to Newton’s First Law of Motion, energy in motion wishes to remain in motion, energy at rest wishes to remain at rest.
  • Trauma can cause energy to stop flowing. this can create interference in brain-body communication, which can lead to dis-ease and illness.
  • The spine works as a “circuit breaker” for the nervous system. When stress in a certain nerve is perceived as “unsafe”, your spine will Subluxate (move 5mm). This shift exerts 10mmHg pressure (the weight of a dime ) on the nerve. This pressure decreases the nerves function by up to 60%.

The Benefits

Quantum Neurology has specific benefits because it can evaluate and strengthen every major nerve and system in your body.

  • By “up regulating” the nervous system, Quantum Neurology can streamline energy usage in the body. This reduces the energy that is needed for survival and increases “free energy” available for more life.
  • By clearing neural pathways, Quantum Neurology can use the static(potential) energy to power change which leads to increased health and feelings of well-being.
  • By returning strength to the nervous system, “the body” no longer has reasons for a pain signal. Pain goes away as strength and energy are restored.

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