Patient Testimonials

” At Body Wisdom, Dr. Julianne Trell and Dr. Mark Trell have taught me how to listen to my body and use what I hear as an instrument to lead my healing journey. Thank you for that amazing gift!”
CD, Raleigh, NC
“From the moment I walk into Body Wisdom, I feel more relaxed and I haven’t even started my session yet. Since I have been receiving NSA sessions from Dr. Julianne, I have healed years of daily headaches and chronic fatigue. I have so much more energy for my family now. I can exercise regularly and plan things to do, knowing that I will be well and able to go. My life is full of fun and laughter instead of suffering. I am so grateful to have my life back!”
BT, Apex, NC
“I have been blessed by my weekly visits to Dr. Mark for over 13 years, and blessed is an understatement. I first came because I noticed I was moving like a very old woman. Not only has Dr. Mark helped me deal with specific problems, but he has helped me get in touch with what my body is telling me and learn how to live in peace with that. Having a weekly dose of love and support at Body Wisdom has made my life better and I have no intention of giving that up anytime soon.”
GB, Cary, NC
” Dr. Julianne, thank you for your courage to do what you do. Your sessions have helped me see my shadows. It is connecting to these stuck places or shadows that I can see who I really am….As the shadows melt, I feel whole and see the light within me.”
ET, Chapel Hill, NC
“Dr. Mark treats the whole person, not as a collection of ailments but sees and intuits the “big picture”. He is a fantastic listener and a true healer. He has addressed everything from my difficulty walking to colds to headaches.”
SG, Raleigh, NC
“I have been coming to Body Wisdom since November 2012. It was the beginning of a tremendous journey towards healing. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at that time. I was also suffering from severe bowel disease and had a lot of pain every day. Thanks to my sessions with both Dr. Julianne and Dr. Mark, I have continued to heal weekly. From their healing Chiropractic sessions, breathing and healing classes, nutrition and homeopathic support, I have been thriving. I have seen chiropractors for over 40 years and none have the skills that these two practitioners have. They are amazing!”
JC, Lake Gaston, NC
“As a massage therapist and part-time farmer, my life can be physically demanding. Mark and Julianne with their complementary styles of chiropractic have kept my body in good shape since 1995. They bring good humor, caring, and a stellar skill- set to the table. I highly recommend them to my clients and to anyone who is looking for chiropractic work that yields positive results for a myriad of conditions.”
DS, Fuquay, NC