The Difference

What Makes NSA Different?

*NSA doesn’t focus on what is wrong with your body. NSA focuses on what is “available” to assist you to heal wholly.

By accessing these particular places along your spine, your central nervous system wakes up and enlivens in a new way. It begins to develop your healing strategies so your body, mind, and spirit can heal. So all healing and change happens within you, not from some outside source, practitioner, supplement, or drug.

Through this process, you become more connected to you and your pain/health issues. When you connect in this way, instead of numbing it or manipulating it to fix the symptom, you are able to learn, change, and EVOLVE from your health issue. The places in your body that feel “stuck ” or painful become your greatest adversary. They become a doorway towards limitless potential

*Individuals do not need to be “in pain” or have a ‘dis-ease” to receive NSA care.

Because our primary focus is to access your healing potential, everyone with a spine can benefit greatly. There is so much potential for all of us, babies to adults, to create sustainable changes that will allow you to be more alive. Remember there is no limit to the well-being and wellness scale. Who doesn’t want more life in their life?

*It’s a family affair!

If an individual is in care and experiencing great changes, it is very helpful to that person to have the whole family in care. Everyone is affected by everyone, especially the ones we are closest with. As a family receives NSA care together, the gifts of sustainable adaptability, freedom, and vitality can create a more harmonious home. Who wouldn’t want their children to have more access to their own healing, creating an unlimited life potential?